8 Wardrobe Essentials you need for this Spring; Under $100

Chunky Sweaters packed away? Check! Donate winter coats? Check! Have the last scoop of hot chocolate? Check! What am I missing? OH YES! *Preps a virgin margarita* *CLINK* *CLINK* "CHEERS TO SPRING!" It was fun while it lasted, don't think I am not a fan of the cold weather (Hello, Scorpio baby!). I was just longing for [...]

10 Must-Have Shoes I can’t wait to wear this Spring

As much as I loved wearing sneakers and snow/riding boots to commute to school every single day I have been dreaming about better days with new and fancier footwear. I rarely ever purchase shoes for the fall/winter, but I do have my shoe shopping spree when spring/summer are approaching. In my opinion, spring shoes are better [...]