101 in 1001


  1. Complete my 101 in 1001 list.
  2. Revisit the motherland.
  3. Travel to a new country (Turkey).
  4. Travel to the Holy Land (Israel) and float in the dead sea.
  5. Visit a new state (California; Disneyland and hike the Hollywood Sign).
  6. Take a trip with my mom and aunt
  7. Take a trip with my entire family.
  8. Revisit a state (Florida).
  9. Take a trip to the Poconos.
  10. Travel alone.
  11. Travel with my best friends 1)Erika 2)Tugce.
  12. – 20lb.- 40lbs.
  13. – 60lbs.
  14. Go an entire month reaching my Fitbit goal.
  15. Reduce my insulin level to what it should be.
  16. Get hair removal (I have PCOS).
  17. Try Soul Cycle.
  18. Try an Acrobatic class.
  19. Learn how to swim.
  20. Run half a marathon.
  21. Run 1.5 miles every day for a month.
  22. Cook a successful gluten-free 5-course meal.
  23. Invest in a stock.
  24. Invest in a 401k.
  25. Invest in a grown-up luggage.
  26. Invest in a blogging camera.
  27. Save 5k.
  28. Go a month without shopping.
  29. Go a month without takeout.
  30. Treat myself/mom to a nice piece of jewelry.
  31. Treat myself/mom to a classic handbag.
  32. Read 10 inspiring books.
  33. Vote in a presidential election.
  34. Vote in a non-presidential election.
  35. Personalized stationery.
  36. Get my GPA back to a 3.5.
  37. Get 2 fashion internships.
  38. Graduate from college (Bachelors).
  39. Move out and live solo (or with one of my best friends).
  40. Own a property.
  41. Own a car.
  42. Get a job after graduation.
  43. Have my own blog (domain and self-hosted).
  44. Get 1000 pageviews in a year, month, week, day.
  45. Make money off cindsplicity.com, 100 in a month, 500 in a month, 1000 in a month.
  46. Meet another blogger from the area.
  47. Publish one new blog post each day for an entire month.
  48. Publish a series.
  49. Reach 1.5k 2.5k followers on IG.
  50. Attend a blogging conference or workshop.
  51. Make a collaboration with a blogger.
  52. Get featured on another blog.
  53. Successfully donate blood.
  54. Send someone flowers.
  55. Leave a 100% tip.
  56. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity project.
  57. Buy a homeless person a meal.
  58. Pay for someone in line behind me.
  59. Walk/Run in a BCRF race…again.
  60. Volunteer for a cause I’m passionate about (alone, not required from my job).
  61. Give 10 just because gifts.
  62. Spoil mom to a spa weekend getaway.
  63. Create an inspiration board.
  64. Make my bed every day for a month.
  65. Attend the ballet.
  66. Attend the opera.
  67. Visit the Statue of Liberty.
  68. Visit Ellis Island.
  69. Visit the Empire State Building.
  70. Attend a Cirque du Soleil show.
  71. Attend a comedy show.
  72. Attend a festival.
  73. Attend a live TED talk.
  74. Attend two concerts.
  75. Walk the Brooklyn bridge.
  76. Visit 5 museums in NY.
  77. Go apple picking.
  78. Go pumpkin picking.
  79. Attend an NFL game.
  80. Attend an NBA game.
  81. Attend a major soccer league game.
  82. Learn a new language (French or Turkish).
  83. Memorize 15 verses.
  84. Read the entire bible.
  85. Go back to church and attend weekly Sunday mass services.
  86. Become a member of a ministry.
  87. Attend a two-day retreat for spiritual growth.
  88. Watch 10 classic films.
  89. Attend an HERCampus Conference.
  90. Spend a weekend unplugged.
  91. Send 25 handwritten notes just because.
  92. Write a letter to myself to open on xxx when my 101 in 1001 is over.
  93. Save $10 for every item crossed off of this list.
  94. Send flowers to my mom “out of the blue”.
  95. Have a brother & sisters date with each of my siblings…my treat.
  96. Have a sister-in-law spa day…my treat.
  97. Have at least 5 “Tia Days” with my nieces/nephews each.
  98. Make the first move on a guy I like (I’m super shy! >.<).
  99. Fall in love or something in that alley.
  100. I don’t know yet…

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