Spring 2017- Must Have Florals for this Spring



In the words of Miranda Priestly, florals for spring are not “groundbreaking.” I would say they are more of a refreshment to our eyes from all the fur jackets, knit sweaters, and cashmere hats. This spring’s fashion has brought a sense of optimism with the bold blooms, printed and embroidered on almost everything. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, here are some pointers. Don’t forget to keep your decorative pieces in the spotlight by keeping your other pieces to the minimum and solid-colored!

The Baring Back Tank Top


This season, give your shoulders a break and provide them with a little sunlight. Opt for a back-baring tank. It retains the same flowy and crisp vibe that you’re used to, but the dramatic ruffles and floral print add a feminine touch that is perfect for this Spring. Just don’t forget to put on some sunscreen, you might want to avoid getting a sunburn!

The Denim Skirt


TOPSHOP|Denim Miniskirt| $68
Give your jeans a rest this season and opt for a statement denim skirt. This skirt is fashion-girl approved (by me of course, duh!). A denim skirt is a fresh alternative to a pair of jeans, add this on-trend item to your wardrobe!


The Little Black Dress

RED VALENTINO| Techno Jacquard Shift Dress| Rent: $125-140 Retail: $795
I once heard someone say you shouldn’t wear black for the spring or summer… let’s let that one sink in. Yea, it’s obvious that person doesn’t know there’s been a new update to the book of fashion commandments. Anywho, disregard anyone who tells what not to wear in the season and update your LBD with this bold floral print dress. This dress balances the scale with its colors and details which leave it as an appropriate attire for the evening. If you have a wedding to go to, opt for a dress like this one or any other dress from Rent the Runway, why spend $200-$800 on a dress where you can rent it for as little as $30 and as long as two or seven days?!

The Mod-Inspired Swimsuit

J.CREW| Halter Bow-Tie One Piece| $125
You’ve got my stamp of approval for this swimsuit! This swimsuit can be worn both to the beach or under a pair of denim shorts to a BBQ. With the floral print and halter neckline, this swimsuit has it is for sure you will be the one standing out. The halter and tie detail gives off a very Christian Dior- era Grace Kelly.


The Textured Watch


COACH| Delancey Leather Strap Watch| $295

The clock is ticking ladies, and you know what that means…I gotta go. No, seriously. I have like a million errands to run by tonight, and if they’re not done, I will be one #hotmessexpress. With a timeless but modern-edgy piece like this watch you won’t have to check your phone or be late to class!

The Silk Scarf


        The scarf has become the most understated accessory but have you noticed that the scarf is the most versatile accessory as compared to a handbag and shoes? You can wear them has a head scarf, as an anklet, a bracelet, and even a tote accessory.  There are countless ways you can wear them with new shapes, prints, and styles coming out every season. This season opt for a lighter toned scarf that can compliment your glowy and dewy face or your chic outfit. If you’re having any trouble on how to wear them check this link out.

The Statement Bag



To help jumpstart your spring wardrobe, opt for a statement handbag. The moment I saw this bag: it stopped be dead in my tracks, and it became a love at first sights movie scene. While this handbag is redefined and sophisticated it is also edgy and has me covered for the season.

The Block Heel


Style+comfort= win win! Is it just me or does Steve Madden have one of the comfiest heels in the world? Comfortability and chic are what all fashion-it girls look in all of their potential wardrobe pieces. We aren’t firm believers of “Beauty is pain!” whoever said that either 1) has shopped in the wrong places or 2) hasn’t taken an oxy before!


What are your favorite pieces of my list? Let me know in the comment box down below!



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