Hello and welcome to my blog!

About me

Hi! I’m a NYC-based fashion merchandising student. Wait, did I just say “fashion merchandising”? Yes, I did. I usually get responses such as “OMG! That is so cool!”, “Does that mean you can design clothes and such? Run a fashion empire of your own?”, “So is your life like Andrea “Andy” Sachs from the Devil Wears Prada?” (I’m not kidding about this one) And most of the time “That’s great! So what is that?”.

Let’s start with defining what Fashion Merchandising is. By definition fashion merchandising is the business side of the fashion industry. People who aspire a fashion merchandising career must still have an eye for details in style, but also have a head for business as well. Planner, Buyer, PR Agent, Social Media Coordinator, Product Developer, and Fashion Forecaster are a few careers one can obtain with a fashion merchandising degree.

Allow me to answer the first question, No. I can not design clothes (draw fashion sketches) not because of my major but because I’m not the best drawer. The most you will get out of me is a stick figure. Run a fashion empire of your own? Not yet, but I do hope that one day I will reach that status. And to the Devil Wears Prada-related question, sort of but not really. Not all internships are hell like, and not all of us get the position we aspire after four months of interning. It takes long hours and months (even years) of hard work to get to where we want to be or in other cases where life wants us to be.

Aside from being a student, I’m a social-media-obsessed, education-obsessed (nerd) chocolate loving, and adventurous girl. I am also a tea (preferably vanilla chai) and history lover. I’m one heck of a workaholic but during my free time you will either find me researching fashion history facts, watching New Girl, Chicago P.D. (basically anything Chicago related produced by Dick Wolf, it’s on NBC), or hanging out with my amazing friends (Hi, friends!).

About the blog

Cindsplicity started when a weekly blog post became a requirement for a course elective. Then having to blog evolved to a desire to journal my life. The idea of journaling in a notebook seemed dull, and there weren’t any places to add visuals and no one to read it. So, continuing the blog became the alternative for journaling in a notebook.

Intuitively the blog name came to Cindsplicity as I always seek for simplicity (hey, I had to get creative!) in my everyday whereabouts.

My goals are to provide an outlet (so to say) where readers can escape to for a bit and find joy in reading about a young girl chasing her dreams through this roller coaster ride called life. As well as become an inspiration for others to pursue dreams of their own and live their days to the fullest as they are meant to be. Provide a little sunshine on someone’s rainy day!

I would love to have you stick around and have you join me on my adventuring-blogging journey.  So, please come in and enjoy the ride with me! Don’t forget the drinks and snacks as we will need them during the trip!

Thank you for stopping by! See you soon!


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